Julio Iglesias – Baila morena ‘video’

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Julio iglesias – Baila morena ‘ dance brunette ‘

Downside the hill …
Along the path she comes dancing …
Dragging her sandal & the dust is rising
Moving her waist & her hips like no other …

She has brown skin, a bright smile ….
The color of the moon …

She has something of white …
Something of black, something of Indian ….
What a pretty mix this land gives …..
julio iglesias – baila morena found on http://bit.ly/Jt2oVU
Dance brunette, dance
For you dance like no other …
moving your hips, moving your waist …

Dance brunette, dance
for you dance like no other
drag your sandal, take me with you in your insanity ….
Dance brunette, dance, for you dance like no other.

The night is a girl
who passes by, who grows
the music does not stop,
she continues dancing, she goes on inflaming.
The sweat of her body glitters on her cinnamon skin
her red blouse, the dawn and this brunette.

She has something of white ….
something of black, something of Indian …
what a pretty mix this land gives …

Dance brunette, dance, for you dance like no other !

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2 Comments on "Julio Iglesias – Baila morena ‘video’"

  1. Eleonoa says:

    Preciosa cancion, hace ya…….. Muchos años, Talia bailo y Juio canto, fue hermoso verlos juntos. Creo fue en el show de Cristina.

  2. marc olivier says:

    Love all julio’s songs specially for the french and english 1 ,