Julio Iglesias – Vous les femmes “video”

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Julio Iglesias – Vous les femmes

You women
You are the charm
Your Smile
We draw
We disarm

You Angels
And we are
We men
Poor devils …

With thousands of roses around you
We love you and without telling you the proof
It feels very strong, you think you know
You said always, you say: maybe …

You women
You are my drama
You are so sweet
You are the source
In our tears

Poor Devils
What we are
We men …
Poor Devils
Poor Devils

As soon as another smiles at you it tends
To play more or less well-indifference
We do everything to calm down and then bursts
We are mad with jealousy, and it flatters you …

You women
You are the charm
Your Smile
We draw

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