Enrique Iglesias – Ayer ‘Yesterday’

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Enrique Iglesias – Ayer ‘Yesterday’

Hey tell me where you’re going, and if
you know your destiny
hey, where will you leave your hidden dreams
Look, the moon left us
illuminated, very close
and despite that good-bye
my door was always open
like before…

Yesterday you were falling in my heart
And you hid in a corner
Of the other side
I know that life left us,
to know that our love
is not over (is not over).

Hey, your look says you’re sorry
hey tell me if it’s the truth or it’s just my impression!
Say that it’s neither madness nor obsession
That it’s not a whim, simply
say what you feel and that
I never stopped loving you
like before…

Hey tell me where you’re going,
and if you know your destiny

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